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PRESS RELEASE [February 2015]

Star Sailor Energy announces initial funding to develop its patented energy storage technology.

On the success of Star Sailor Energy’s recent launch of the first performance enhanced wind turbine products; its newest effort will be to commercialize its patented energy storage technology. The new project will bring together Star Sailor Energy, Inc. and Aerospace Research Systems, Inc. (ARSI) to develop a technology demonstrator. Initial funding creates a unique opportunity to apply ARSI’s extensive experience in advanced materials, smart structures and space systems to a potential game changer in energy storage and on-demand power for renewable energy technologies, the Internet of Things (ioT) and electric vehicles. The new venture will include development of the Space Power Laboratory to advance the use of Star Sailor Energy’s technology in satellite and launch vehicle applications.

“Seen as a potential replacement for current battery technology, this non-electrolytic storage system is more than energy storage, it is power storage. The new concept offers the ability to store energy directly as well as harvest it from the environment,” explained Dr. Pamela Menges Star Sailor President and inventor of the power storage technology. “Early studies indicate that Star Sailor’s storage technology offers twice the energy density of other energy harvesting systems. Our excitement is palpable at all levels of from engineers to advisors to board members. This initial funding allows us to demonstrate the functional characteristics of the energy storage devices and begin the process of scaling up R&D and commercialization effort over the next year.”

Other applications of the Star Sailor Energy storage technology include replacement of auxiliary power units in aircraft, and spacecraft as well as power for sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing field of telemedicine. According to Goldman Sachs, the next biggest technology area is networking of devices within the World Wide Web, creating the Internet of Things or IoT. From household appliances to medical bracelets, the IoT offers opportunities to improve automation for the consumer and creates new business across the technology spectrum. Star Sailor's energy storage technology offers a breakthrough in critical areas such as devices and a new approach to storage technology.


Goldman Sachs Article
“The Internet of Things, or IoT, is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices – ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment – the IoT merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers.” [From: THE INTERNET OF THINGS: THE NEXT MEGA-TREND]


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