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Impossible Machines™: Self-Powered Zero-Energy Devices

Star Sailor's "impossible machines" are the future of a decarbonized world.

New ways of powering vehicles, robots and medical devices.
And 24/7-renewable energy. Eliminating intermittency and building reliability.

Star Sailor has revolutionized the idea of transformable structures based on the science of mechatronics, advanced materials and shape memory alloys integrated with advanced AI.

Star Sailor patented technologies offer a future without chemical batteries, and 24/7 renewables eliminating intermittency in wind and solar.

Current applications:

- Self-Deploying Cube Sat, licensed by ARSi Space.
- 24/7-Wind, On-Demand Module generating electricity with no-wind or low-wind.
- Energy harvesting robotics & motorless motion replacing servos & motors.
- Soft-Robotics advancing adaptive and configurable interfaces.
- Combined Heat & Power (CHP) harvesting thermal energy and providing new approaches to thermal management in solar concentrators.

For licensing and partnering information, please email our executive office.


The Artificial Neural Membrane (ANM) controlled Micro-Aerial Vehicle (MAV) was designed to operate in the Martian atmosphere. Now implemented in Star Sailor's Impossible Machines. .(Image: ARSi Space/NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts, 2006.)

ANM controlled NiTi actuator, first training of the Menges ANM II Neurogenesis Algorithm. Click above for video access.




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