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Dr. P. "Rai" Menges - Founder & CEO

Rai founded Star Sailor Energy as a technology development and management company dedicated to developing sustainable and renewable technology to increase the security, safety and resiliency of US infrastructures.

Star Sailor's newest patent advances our energy storage technology further with applications to thermal management of solar concentrators, aerospace power and self-powered morphing structures. Dr. Menges has nine patents in smart skins and neuromorphic functional structures, biomimetic and performance adaptive wind turbines, motorless motion, 24/7 wind energy and wind powered communications. Her research interests include functional materials, neuromorphic controlled networks and branes (engineered AI-substrates), morphing vehicles, transatmospheric flight dynamics and cognitive vehicles. She has served as a senior advisor to corporate councils, engineering and physics university departments and professional societies.

Dr. Menges began her career at Los Alamos National Laboratory in S&TI, nuclear nonproliferation, and space engineering and is a NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Fellow, recognized for her work in functional structures and neuromorphic systems. Her research is advancing new concepts in self-powered motorless motion motion and energy storage. Newly patented applications include auxiliary power units for vehicles and industry.

Dr. Menges is a commercial pilot and experienced flight test engineer and engineering pilot.


Mark Smith

Mr. Smith is a corporate and patent attorney with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. Prior to attending law school, he worked on the NASA Skylab program. His expertise in intellectual property law extends to diverse technology applications as well as technology assessment for strategic planning and business development. He is on the faculty of the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Cincinnati where he teaches intellectual property law. His practice focuses on strategic solutions for multidisciplinary and advanced technology development. Mark has been an advisor for economic development programs and assists start-ups in developing innovative new technologies.

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More than support staff, our technicians and production associates are highly-trained and experienced professionals

Our R&D and production testing includes every wind turbine. Nothing is left behind. From bearings to bolts, we require certification of material and US manufacture whenever possible.

Right: Production integration and assembly review. Frank and Joe are production and experimental shop supervisors with decades of experience.

And the manufacturing and SME network of Aerospace Research Systems.




Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is a women-owned and operated company.
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