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Star Sailor Energy Announces partnership with Santa Fe Community College (SFCC), installation of two T-Com™ 2 wind turbines

The partnership includes SFCC Center for Innovation and faculty of the Department of Trades, Advanced Technologies and Sustainability and Star Sailor Energy, Inc. SFCC is recognized internationally as a center for evaluating renewable technologies and is at the forefront of sustainability education.

The new partnership is advancing Local Clean Energy with Star Sailor’s innovative Built Environment Wind Turbines (BEWT). The Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ 2 is the first patented biomimetic, performance adaptive wind turbine of its kind and offers many firsts including a limited lifetime rotor warranty. The T-Com™ 2 is the product of a decade of engineering and testing including operating in hurricane winds. Its robust design and improved performance are directed at creating resiliency in local power and increasing sustainability. The T-Com™ further offers a new series of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) products including Star Sailor Commercial Lighting + Wi-Fi, direct DC charging and virtual security while increasing local energy resiliency.

The Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ systems will be used by the SFCC faculty and students to study renewable energy and integrate technologies such as security cameras, the Internet of Things (IoT), and wireless including Wi-Fi to support research and drone charging stations. As part of the Carbon Zero Data™ Project, emphasis will be placed on testing new platforms supporting edge computing and ledgers for educational and commercial applications. Star Sailor Energy’s Carbon Zero Data™ Project is dedicated to reducing carbon generated by digital and telecommunications technologies that are now slated to increase carbon production by 40% over the next decade.

Star Sailor is currently in discussions to deploy its first renewable hybrid direct DC electric vehicle charging station at Santa Fe Community College in 2022. The charging station is being designed to be a local power station and node in Star Sailor’s Self-Powered Intelligent Network™ (SPIN™). The first large-scale SPIN™ system will be deployed in 2022 and support cybersecure integrated solutions for telehealth, public safety communications, environmental and water monitoring and edge computing for critical energy and transportation infrastructures. Other installations include a private radio observatory in Colorado, commercial lighting and a growing number of airports and shopping mall conversions. The Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ products are one of the few wind turbine technologies that can be installed at airports, heliports and spaceports.

The Star Sailor Wind T-Com™ products have a long pedigree in reliable energy for aerospace telemetry and remote operations.

Keywords: Community energy resiliency, STEM, sustainability, local clean energy, architectural wind, built environment wind turbines, carbon zero technology, IoT, renewables, local power advantage, energy security, infrastructure resiliency, virtual security, wireless communications, drone platform, edge computing, public safety.


Above: Tower 1 at Santa Fe Community College Center for Innovation with a Star Sailor Energy T-Com™ 2 Built Environment Wind Turbine (BEWT). The T-Com™ 2 is designed to provide safe, reliable energy for a variety of applications including the T-Com™ 2 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Hybrid model. The two T-Com™ 2 turbines will be used to integrate cameras, Wi-Fi, IoT and drone charging platforms.

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