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Above: Star Sailor Energy's newest products, the kiloWatt class StarCom series towers offering up to 18kW per stacked tower. Star Sailor Energy's VAWT's are ideal for agricultural power and offer quiet, bird and bat safe performance in a robust, reliable design

Star Sailor Energy, Inc. announces spin-off and funding to develop patented energy storage technology

On the success of Star Sailor Energy’s recent launch of the first performance enhanced wind turbine products; Star Sailor Power, LLC. is the energy group's first spin-off company. Star Sailor Power will commercialize the patented energy storage and on-demand power technology.

The new Power Group is led by Dr. P. A. Menges and is joined by an internationally recognized Senior Advisory Council Chair, Dr. Awatef Hamed.

The industry's first limited lifetime rotor warranty

Star Sailor Energy's new T-Com™ VAWT systems offer the advantages of drag-reduction vertical wind turbines with robust aerospace materials, creating the first limited lifetime warranty for wind turbine rotors.

Star Sailor Energy: The future of energy security

The growing demand for reliable power in critical and remote operations has positioned Star Sailor Energy within specialized markets. Uniquely robust and quiet wind turbines, Star Sailor Energy’s systems offer versatility for urban and architectural power to remote, ruggedized self-contained technology platforms. Our systems have proven themselves in nearly a decade of field testing and powering technology. New installations include commercial lighting and security systems.

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