Modular reliable and innovative wind power

Star Sailor Energy's new T-Com™ VAWT systems offer the advantages of vertical turbines with robust aerospace materials, creating the first limited lifetime warranty for wind turbine rotors. The T-Com Raptor Series now integrates the best in biomimetic systems.

T-Com™ Wind Power Systems: Versatile & robust

The T-Com Wind Power Systems come in three models and two sizes. The Commercial model T-Com 2 is a VAWT rated at 200 watts. Star Sailor Energy, founded by aerospace engineers and scientists, we specialize in providing self-powered platforms for integrators, researchers and specialized technical operations. Unlike most commercially available wind turbines, the T-Com offers options of generator based on desired application.

All generators are UL or CSA listed. It is not usual to grid-tie small VAWT systems, however power conditioning, inverters and other electronic devices are UL and CSA approved and most are RoHS compliant. All Star Sailor Energy base turbine units are made of recycleable materials. Specialty VOC complaint coatings are available as are RF permeable materials. Integrated and hybrid systems may include battery storage, solar panels and instrument enclosures depending on customer requirements and options. LED lighting and signs are offered through our partner Energy Rethink.

Rugged hybrid remote power & UPS platforms


> Proven set-up-and-forget-design
> Quiet, no womp, womp of the propeller turbines
> Modular creating custom options for aerospace, defense and telecommunications
> Stackable, reducing installation cost and increasing power density for area used
> High-wind operation, tolerant of snow, ice and debris
> Bird and bat safe, protecting our pollinators and also safe for humans and livestock
> Low-maintenance, high-reliability
> Individual units, wind gardens, power networks
> Architectural wind power can be installed on almost any structure (towers, buildings, bridges)
> Vertical turbine safety

T-Com Raptor™ & Phantom™: Rugged, reliable, remote power

Star Sailor Energy's new T-Com™ Raptor™ & Phantom™ self-powered platforms offer truly high-tech options for the most challenging applications. As its name would imply, the T-Com™ is design for rugged communications, telemetry and remote sensing environments. The T-Com 1 Beta 42W system functioned flawlessly in winds in excess of 64 mph. T-Com™ 1 Marine Units were derived from the T-Com™ 1 Beta for salt water environments and offer stainless steel frames and coated AlCad rotors, an attribute of Star Sailor's pedigree in aerospace systems.

The T-Com Raptor™ is designed as a set-up-and-forget Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with options for salt-water and desert climates. Debris resistant and high-wind operation, the Raptor is the brut of the wind turbines. High-torque, simple generator sets provide low-wind power combined with solar and power storage create a near perfect renewable and secure power system.

The Phantom™ is the low-profile system that offers most options of the Raptor, but supports specialized coatings and microwave permeable materials on request. It's design not only blends in tree lines and nearly disappears in natural terrain, but has little or no signature for RF or other electromagnetic return.

T-Com 2 Hybrid Commercial Lighting and Rugged Products

> T-Com 2 Commercial Lighting Unit 200W wind/up to 600W with integrated solar,
> T-Com 2 Commercial Power Pod™ 400W wind/up to 1000W with integrated solar,
> T-Com Raptor™ & Phantom™ 200 W wind and 480 W hybrid integrated solar/storage option,
> T-Com Power Pods™ offered as mobile power solution that may be skid mounted, trailerable or pontoons. Star Sailor Energy Power Pods can be integrated with mobile command and communications unit. Custom hybrid systems are available in any configuration including turbine stacks.

StarCom 1.5kW

Lightweight, modular VAWT offered as single units or in stacks up to 12 units and 18kW.
StarCom 1.5kW turbines and generators average 380 pounds per unit making them one of the lightest VAWT's in the kilowatt range.

Warranty information is available from designated distributors.


Star Sailor Energy T-Com 2 Raptor Commercial System provides reliable integrated power for lighting, electronic signs, security and Wi-Fi systems. The lightweight, quiet modular system offers bird safety and reliability.


> Integrated commercial and dark skies LED lighting
> Battery charging, power augmentation, DC systems
> Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
> Autonomous power and microgrid systems
> Heliports, airports and spaceports
> Security system platforms for commercial, government and residential installations
> Roadway information systems
> Intelligent and electronic signage
> Video surveillance & virtual fencing
> Medical, technical and research operations, NGO's
> Wireless communications & computing, Wi-Fi and broadband networks
> Car/eV charging hybrid stations
> Emergency transmitters and relays
> Smart Systems Mobile Power Pods™
> Disaster response and custom mobile systems
> Contact us with your requirements

Operational characteristics:
> Low cut-in speeds, 5-7 mph (depending on installation)
> All Star Sailor Energy turbines are rated at 20 m/s so no question of power curve dithering
> Improved efficiency with drag reduction system
> Proven low-maintenance

Where to purchase Star Sailor Energy Turbines?

NGO Model: Foreign aid, remote medicine and undeveloped regions

Star Sailor Energy offers a T-Com NGO model that may be shipped in standard ATA containers and offers up to 200W wind and 400W solar for portable 300W-500W solution for medical operations including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, communications and computing. Options include 400W larger turbine and deployable solar with sealed power storage. Other options include trailer, aircraft and helicopter deployed specially adapted T-Com Power Pods™. Please call with requirements.

Please note: The NGO Model can be deployed in series and stacks and may support a hybrid power microgrid system for remote operations and security missions. Star Sailor Energy partners can provide fully integrated power, security and communications. For further information please contact

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