Mini-Deck: Introduction to the Technology

10 patents. Three products.
Manufacturing and sales.
Raised $MM in investment.

One of the greatest challenges of our day:
InfiNiti™ Generator removes intermittency in wind energy and renewables.

Star Sailor integrated products, powering connected technologies across platforms and across miles, securely and reliably.

Renewable powered secure, private cloud and Internet.

Powered by Star Sailor T-Com and StarCom Hybrid Power Platforms.

15 years of proven performance

Operating range of 2 mph to 100 mph

Robust, resilient and sustainable.

Life-cycle based sustainability. RoHS compliant.




Three patented technologies.
A revolution in infrastructure resiliency.

Solutions to the most critical issues:

Power for Communications, Data, Defense and Mobility

1. Patented InfiNiti™ Generator

Patented InfiNiti™ Generator produces electricity
when there is no wind. Innovation in an AI controlled
proprietary shaped memory alloy device.


2. Star Sailor SPIN™ - Self Powered Intelligent Networks
supporting sensors, SAR and secure cloud with
Low-Probability of Intercept (LPI), Low-Probability of Detection (LPD)
Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANET)

Star Sailor SPIN™ - replacing the data center "boxes" with resilient renewable
powered data networks. Eliminating the conventional data center model.
Building the infrastructure of tomorrow. (Boxes are buildings.;)

3. Star Sailor SPIN™ eliminate conventional data centers.

Star Sailor SPIN™ systems replace energy hungry data centers.

4. Powering the future. US with secure renewable powered networks

Carbon Zero Data™ - Star Sailor SPIN™creates national secure data networks.
Renewable powered sustainability, resilient, expandable, evolutionary
modular operations. Data ops where their needed. 24/7.





InfiNiti Generator™



The Ideal Wind Turbine

Renewable Hybrid Power


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