Integrity in design and innovation creates industry firsts: the first wind turbines to offer power generation during periods of low and no-wind and a limited lifetime rotor warranty

Star Sailor Energy's wind turbine systems offer the advantages of vertical turbines with robust aerospace materials and a novel design, creating the first limited lifetime warranty for wind turbine rotors. Integrating Star Sailor Power's On-Demand Power Module™, Star Sailor Wind is the first wind technology firm to offer wind turbines that can generate electricity at times of low- and no-wind.

The Star Sailor Energy T-Com™ System creates the first high-lift, modular vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in a lightweight integrated package for demanding applications from urban lighting and security to remote set-up-and-forget uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and microgrid applications.


Our goal at Star Sailor Energy is to produce truly evolutionary products through revolutionary design. It is our corporate philosophy to provide a product with a future. Our wind turbines employ a modular design to exploit new technologies and options as they are developed. Our dedication to quality, combining R&D and production has created a distinctly different approach to wind power.

Robust and reliable

Star Sailor Energy wind turbines offer a robust, reliable design for high wind and weather that would sideline conventional horizontal propeller wind turbines. Bird and bat safe, Star Sailor turbines have been field tested for nearly a decade in a certified wildlife habitat powering instrumentation for a local wildlife survey and LED lighting. Ultra-quiet and installed around our homes and businesses, we rely on our turbine’s uniquely safe design.

Performance and innovation

Star Sailor Energy’s revolutionary patented design provides the safety and reliability of a Savonious type turbine with innovative performance adaptive, drag reduction elements. Star Sailor Energy’s approach to R&D has established it as a technology innovator and leader in VAWT technology offering the first and only independently wind powered performance adaptive system increasing the efficiency while decreasing drag.

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Sustainability and life cycle design

Star Sailor Energy and its partners established the “Sustainability Standard” for all projects, products and technical activities. This corporate standard defined sustainability as central to “good practice”. To this end, interdisciplinary methods of development to combine the concept of sustainability with life cycle goals of minimizing environmental impacts and increasing recycling and reuse of products. It is the basis of Star Sailor Energy’s successful modular Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) design, eliminating built in obsolescence and increasing reliability.


Dedication to rigorous science and R&D

Star Sailor Energy's on-going R&D has garnered support and is recognized as creating some of the most innovative new technologies in the renewable energy industry.

Developments in patented power storage and on-demand power technology is creating new opportunities in microgrid, space and internet of everything (IoE) applications. Our in-house technical experience in aerospace power and sensors has created a synergy in product development not common in smaller technology firms. New projects establish Star Sailor as an innovator of revolutionary technologies for the renewable energy sector and beyond.

A new type of sustainability: stunning geometry and color and materials options changes the idea of architectural wind

Star Sailor Energy has been working with architects to design new concepts in architectural wind. Functional and elegant, the new applications offer patented, proven technology for microgrid and a growing number independent power buildings.

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