Star Sailor Energy

Paradigm changing technologies, eliminating intermittency in renewables.
Power for renewable, sustainable infrastructures.

The ideal wind turbine & the future of renewable energy.



Patented technologies and products eliminating intermittency in renewables, building resiliency.

Star Sailor is leading the way with patented technologies that were only the stuff of science fiction a few short years ago.

Patented technologies for 24/7-wind energy, powered by the InfiNiTi™ Motor that produces electricity when there is low or no wind.

And advancing Carbon Zero™ energy storage, automation, robotics, and sustainable infrastructures.


Powering sustainable infrastructures and deploying resilient and cybersecure Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

Star Sailor products and technologies are advancing safety and security in interconnected technologies.

At the Forefront of American Innovation

New ways of powering vehicles, robots and data.
And 24/7-renewable energy.

Star Sailor has revolutionized the idea of transformable structures based on the science of mechatronics, advanced materials and shape memory alloys integrated with advanced AI.

Star Sailor patented technologies offer a future without chemical batteries, and 24/7 renewables eliminating intermittency in wind and solar.

Star Sailor Intelligent Mechatronic Battery:
No volatile chemicals. Long-term storage.

Current applications:

- 24/7-Wind, On-Demand Module generating electricity with no or low-wind.
- Energy harvesting robotics & motorless motion replacing servos & motors.
- Soft-Robotics advancing adaptive and configurable interfaces.
- Combined Heat & Power (CHP) harvesting thermal energy and providing new approaches to thermal management in solar concentrators.

Carbon Zero Pledge:
Building better through innovation






InfiNiti Generator™



The Ideal Wind Turbine

Renewable Hybrid Power




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