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Star Sailor Energy's Headquarter (HQ) plan includes our built environment safe wind turbines- free standing on the campus and integrated into the building, wireless adaptive and secure interconnected networks, green "vegi" walls, active and passive solar, and external building skins utilizing Star Sailor's and Aerospace Research Systems' functional proprietary materials. The off-grid campus is designed to collect rain water, provide electric vehicle direct DC charging stations, rapid Advanced Product Integration (API) and production facility and a demonstration site for ARSY's personal rapid transit (PRT) system R&D. Image - P. Michal.


Star Sailor partners with One Dead Tree Ranch, Saylor Solutions' new radio astronomy observatory

Saylor Solutions is well known for his engineering of space, defense and energy systems and is partnering with Star Sailor to is develop integration concepts for Star Sailor Energy's T-Com™ wind turbines. The effort led by Bill Saylor will integrate the T-Com™ 2 in One Dead Tree Ranches new radio astronomy lab just outside of Denver. Bill is the former General Bernard Schriever Chair in of Astronautics at US Air Force Academy and his dedication to research and STEM is reflected in the new radio astronomy laboratory. As a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Military Academy and MIT his network includes leading space and defense organizations. He worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory supporting a variety of advanced space, energy and defense programs where he met Star Sailor founder Pamela Menges. The demonstration project includes two Star Sailor T-Com™ 2 wind turbines that will provide advanced data on integrated devices and systems for R&D and Star Sailor customers.

Carbon Zero Data™ supports interconnected devices, drones and cybersecure systems for IoT, edge computing and remote sensing

Star Sailor Energy and its partners are deploying T-Com Hybrid Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) platforms powering the Internet of Things (IoT). These self-powered networks increase security, reliability and decrease data latency through edge computing by supporting local data storage, ledgers and cloud hopping. New applications for drone operations including imaging, pipeline and solar array inspection and roadway (DOT) data communications are in development.

Right: Star Sailor Energy is working with Aerospace Research Systems (ARSY) to develop imaging to inspect a variety of energy and infrastructure technologies. ARSY's team including Dr. Tom Edwards, has created a test, development and evaluation (TD&E) program for drone development and integration. For further information contact Ann Miller at info<@>starsailorenergy.com




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